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Mateusz Jończyk mat.jonczyk at o2.pl
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W dniu 27.04.2014 11:33, Luc Verhaegen pisze:
> Thanks so very much for taking me in CC.
Right, I should have CC You. Please excuse me. I am new to this project.

> I am quite certain that if i hadn't mentioned the origins of these calculations,
> you would never have bothered.
Yep, that would be probably lost and forgotten.
> I amazed that you bother now, now that it spread to a buzzword project.
Somebody simply noticed the fact of possible copyright problems here.
> I clearly explained the origins for a reason: namely so that we could update our
> code to match in the unlikely case some changes happen, i even explained that
> reasoning.
> CVT is a VESA standard. I did not and do not have access to VESA documents, and
> the dog ate the Xorg boards homework, as noone seems to remember what happened
> to the Xorg VESA membership. My feeling however is that this spreadsheet is a
> rather direct implementation of the VESA standard, and that if the Xorg board
> gets its act together (for a change), we will actually be able to verify where
> this information originally came from.
> The xls however, felt as if it was meant as a reference implementation, aimed at
> improving the proliferation of CVT. If graham does get contacted, i think he
> would agree.
I don't have any doubts that the Authors of the XLS would agree to inclusion of its
derivative works in XOrg and other programs.
Until that happens, however, we cannot rely on it.
> Now, before we do get access to those documents, how are you intending to
> circumvent this claimed copyright infringement without infringing yourself under
> your very strict rules?
We could just rewrite it using the Chinese wall principle:
> Luc Verhaegen.

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