how to turn source code into debian compatible driver

James Robb james at
Wed Apr 23 08:23:52 PDT 2014


I have download this file:

under the impression it is the packaged code I need to compile the
latest updates to the xserver-xorg-input-synaptics package for ubuntu 14.04.

I have managed to run:
./make install

all successfully, but with the results from these commands, I don't see
a compiled driver anywhere that I can inject into my own system.

I have been a software developer for about 7 years now, but mostly in
web application. I am starting to learn about linux development, but am
having trouble finding the material I need to package this in a
meaningful way for me.

Is there something obvious I am missing or some resource I can be
pointed towards? I really want to be able to wrap my head around this so
that hopefully one day I can contribute more to the linux codebase.


//-- James Robb

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