glamor versus AIGLX GL context series

Michel Dänzer michel at
Mon Apr 21 20:46:04 PDT 2014

On 22.04.2014 04:08, Eric Anholt wrote:
> Michel Dänzer <michel at> writes:
>> By changing the context, it may also invalidate the DRI2 buffer information,
>> so we need to get that again.
>> Fixes crashes due to use-after-free with LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT=1 glxgears
>> and piglit.
> Glad to see things are working for you.  I've added it to the series.

Thanks, but the Git author e-mail address is wrong in your tree.

> If we can get this and the render change reviewed,

For the glamor-glx-context-2 branch (minus glamor-fixes), apart from the
issues noted below:

Reviewed-by: Michel Dänzer <michel.daenzer at>

> I think the must-do items for glamor in 1.16 will be done.

As I mentioned before, there's also at least one fix for a memory leak
in copy_n_to_n that needs to be ported from the standalone glamor tree,
if Keith's copy_n_to_n rework doesn't go into 1.16. There may be more
fixes to be ported from there; are you planning to take a look at that,
or should I?

BTW, the 'glamor: Add glamor_transfer based glamor_get_image and
glamor_put_image' commit in your glamor-fixes branch still breaks the
libreoffice icons for me. Are you guys seeing that as well?

Also, the current glamor-gl-context-2 branch fails to build for me,
because glamor_image.c still uses glamor_{get,put}_context().

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