Issues adding driver support for present extension

Frank Binns frank.binns at
Thu Apr 17 03:38:22 PDT 2014

On 16/04/14 21:29, Keith Packard wrote:
> One can imagine changing the kernel interface so that a new flip request
> would replace a pending one. The kernel could (presumably) detect when
> the new flip buffer went idle and do the replacement then, rather than
> immediately when the flip call was made. I think that would give us what
> we want; buffers would be queued for flip as soon as they were ready.

I guess another flag could be added to drmModePageFlip(), e.g.
DRM_MODE_PAGE_FLIP_REPLACE, that would replace the buffer,
upon the new buffer becoming idle, and, if a page flip event had
been requested, send the event for the buffer being replaced.

> I found the fix I'd made in January and just sent that out to the list
>          [PATCH] present: Queue flips for later execution

Great, thanks :)

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