[PATCH] configure: Fix --enable-dmx help text

Hans de Goede hdegoede at redhat.com
Wed Apr 16 07:28:04 PDT 2014

The default for building Xdmx was changed from auto to no, but the helptext
was not updated.

Signed-off-by: Hans de Goede <hdegoede at redhat.com>
 configure.ac | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/configure.ac b/configure.ac
index 695a481..bfe1fc9 100644
--- a/configure.ac
+++ b/configure.ac
@@ -629,7 +629,7 @@ AC_ARG_ENABLE(suid-wrapper, AS_HELP_STRING([--enable-suid-wrapper], [Build suid-
 dnl DDXes.
 AC_ARG_ENABLE(xorg,    	      AS_HELP_STRING([--enable-xorg], [Build Xorg server (default: auto)]), [XORG=$enableval], [XORG=auto])
-AC_ARG_ENABLE(dmx,    	      AS_HELP_STRING([--enable-dmx], [Build DMX server (default: auto)]), [DMX=$enableval], [DMX=no])
+AC_ARG_ENABLE(dmx,    	      AS_HELP_STRING([--enable-dmx], [Build DMX server (default: no)]), [DMX=$enableval], [DMX=no])
 AC_ARG_ENABLE(xvfb,    	      AS_HELP_STRING([--enable-xvfb], [Build Xvfb server (default: yes)]), [XVFB=$enableval], [XVFB=yes])
 AC_ARG_ENABLE(xnest,   	      AS_HELP_STRING([--enable-xnest], [Build Xnest server (default: auto)]), [XNEST=$enableval], [XNEST=auto])
 AC_ARG_ENABLE(xquartz,        AS_HELP_STRING([--enable-xquartz], [Build Xquartz server for OS-X (default: auto)]), [XQUARTZ=$enableval], [XQUARTZ=auto])

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