Xorg copyright infrigement (was: Re: [PATCH 7/7 v2] Xwayland DDX)

Dave Airlie airlied at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 22:53:04 PDT 2014

>> +/*
>> + * Generate a CVT standard mode from HDisplay, VDisplay and VRefresh.
>> + *
>> + * These calculations are stolen from the CVT calculation spreadsheet written
>> + * by Graham Loveridge. He seems to be claiming no copyright and there seems to
>> + * be no license attached to this. He apparently just wants to see his name
>> + * mentioned.
>> + *
>> + * This file can be found at http://www.vesa.org/Public/CVT/CVTd6r1.xls
>> + *
> In the copyright law, the license defaults to "illegal to use in any circumstances".
> The fact that the author "seems to be claiming no copyright" is not enough.
> So the code should probably be cleanly rewritten or a license from the copyright
> holders obtained.
> As specified in the file header at
> http://www.elo.utfsm.cl/~elo212/docs/CVTd6r1.xls
> which seems to be the same as mentioned in the comment
> "Comments, bugs, call Graham Loveridge at 408 934-4394 or fax (408) 262-7989 or
> e-mail graham at genesis-microchip.com".
> Rev 1.0 is apparently based on some other spreadsheet by Andy Morrish so he should
> be contacted also.

IANAL and I doubt you are, but I don't think you can copyright
mathematical forumla, its not like
we are copying the spreadsheet here, which is what would be copyrighted.


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