[PATCH 0/8] Glamor bug fixes

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Tue Apr 1 20:54:14 PDT 2014

I've pulled these 8 patches out of my larger glamor series as they're
all fixes related to the current glamor code. They're all short and
should be easy to review.


 [PATCH 1/8] glamor: glamor_poly_point_nf cannot fail for non-DDX

Fix for a bug introduced in the accelerated poly point code; if you
call poly point with a planemask other than all ones, the original
version of glamor_poly_point_nf will return FALSE and cause a fault in
the caller.

 [PATCH 2/8] glamor: the render Composite hook must call

Glamor is missing a required miCompositeSourceValidate call.

 [PATCH 3/8] glamor: Stop calling eglMakeCurrent (.., EGL_NO_SURFACE)

This is a performance improvment for EGL.

 [PATCH 4/8] glamor: SetWindowPixmap is not related to RENDER

If the server was built without RENDER support, then Glamor would not
have wrapped SetWindowPixmap.

 [PATCH 5/8] glamor: Initialize XV shaders from glamor_xv_init instead

This makes the Xv shaders actually get set up as they weren't ever
going to be called by glamor_init as GLAMOR_XV was never defined. How
did this ever work?

 [PATCH 6/8] glamor: Public polyLines function is glamor_poly_lines_nf

Extra definition of a mis-spelled function name.

 [PATCH 7/8] glamor: Remove warning message when pixmap cannot be

Avoid spamming the Xorg log in a fallback case.

 [PATCH 8/8] glamor: Bail from composite when pixmap cannot be

Avoid crashing when using 4bpp alpha masks with traps.

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