[PATCH 00/21] New glamor core rendering code (v3)

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Tue Apr 1 17:28:59 PDT 2014

Here's another pass at the glamor acceleration series. Major changes
from last time:

 * Fixed the new *_nf functions to fallback to software locally when
   the pixmaps can't be used by the DDX. This matches semantics with
   the existing _nf functions. xf86-video-intel now works as well
   as it did before with glamor acceleration.

 * Un-renamed glamor_prepare_access and friends. The patch for
   replacing that code is now a lot smaller.

 * Fixed numerous minor rendering errors. Glamor now passes the X
   test suite.

 * Restructured the patches so that the new rendering code
   incrementally replaces the old code. This eliminated all of the
   name changes.

 * Reordered patches so that necessary cleanups come first, followed
   by the rendering code replacements and then the removal of some
   left overs.

 * Added a render fallback patch for debugging. This can easily be
   left out of the series, but it makes it easy swap in a pure
   software version of the render code when you're getting weird
   stuff on the screen and wonder what's going on.

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