any xserver stable branch nominations?

Tormod Volden lists.tormod at
Tue Oct 29 20:24:20 CET 2013

On Tue, Oct 22, 2013 at 4:51 AM, Matt Dew wrote:
> Hi Tormod,
>   I only take cherry-picks or pulls.  Not individual patches.
> Keith,
>   Thoughts on applying that to master?
> Matt
> On 10/18/2013 05:05 PM, Tormod Volden wrote:
>> Please consider Connor's patch (resent yesterday, Message-Id:
>> <1382059588-620-1-git-send-email-connor.behan at>,

Hi Matt,

Now that Keith has applied this in master, can you please consider it
for the point release? It is a regression fix that would make (at
least) the r128 driver work again, so it would be nice to have this
float into distribution updates.


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