[PATCH 1/2] ephyr: hostx_screen_init(): Fix bits_per_pixel and bytes_per_line

Søren Sandmann sandmann at cs.au.dk
Tue Oct 22 21:48:59 CEST 2013

Michele Baldessari <michele at acksyn.org> writes:

> this fixes it for me for both the normal case and the resizeable case.
> I noticed that if I launch DISPLAY=:1 xclock on Xephyr -screen 320x200x8 :1 and then
> kill xclock, I get the following backtrace:
> ephyrScreenInitialize (screen=0x823d50) at ephyr.c:124
> 124                 scrpriv->server_depth = screen->fb.depth;

But this happens both before and after my patches (and happens when
depth is 24 as well), right?


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