[PATCH 2/2] damageext: Xineramify (v4)

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Wed Oct 9 10:00:06 PDT 2013

Adam Jackson <ajax at redhat.com> writes:

> Enh.  I'm not convinced.  damageDamageAppend already clips based on
> subwindow mode, so you're either getting the borderClip if
> IncludeInferiors - thanks to NotClippedByChildren - or the clipList
> which includes children.  And since we're in Xinerama, borderClip is
> already clipped to the containing ScreenRec's geometry.

I haven't looked at the rest of the patch -- are you fixing that so that
damage is clipped to the union of the borderClip regions?

> This is sort of true of non-Xineramified damage as already written, no?
> We're already not wrapping MoveWindow and friends in miext/damage.
> Subtract would magically trim off bits that had been configured away in
> the re-emitted report, but the 'parts' region is the region before
> reconfigure.

Right, the clip intersect in Subtract ends up fixing any potentially
overreported damage before the client sees it.

> It's just "union of borderClip for all backend windows", right?  Or at
> least that'd be consistent with how DamageSubtract already clips in the
> non-xin case.  That seems easy enough.

It's either that or fix the damage to be 'correct' across window
configuration changes, I think. Either would work, doing it in Subtract
would keep things the same as the single-screen case today, and save a
bunch of frobbing during configuration changes.

keith.packard at intel.com
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