Mark is RIGHT!

Gene Mosher genemosher at
Sat Oct 5 13:44:23 PDT 2013

Mark you are absolutely right, and Keith, PLEASE do not prevent X server
wakeup by any input device.  I have many touchscreen displays without
mice or keyboards on remote X Servers which depend on being awakened by
a touch.  If you arbitrarily insert code which prevents this you will be
creating hell on earth for me.

    /From: Mark Kettenis <mark.kettenis at>//
    //To: keithp at
    //Cc: xorg-devel at, kaccardi at,//
    //    arjan at
    //Subject: Re: [PATCH] Close non-keyboard devices on DPMS off//
    <201310051311.r95DBcxZ025576 at>//
    //> From: Keith Packard <keithp at> Date: Fri,  4 Oct 2013//
    //> 12:19:15 -0700//
    //> //
    //> This prevents X server wakeup by mouse, tablet or touchscreen//
    //> devices.//
    //Is that really desirable?//
    //For me, moving the mouse has always been the most natural way to
    //up the screen.  And I can imagine that touching the screen is the
    //natural way to do it on a device with a touchscreen.  Such devices//
    //might not even have keyboard./

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