[PULL] xephyr xcb conversion, code deletion, and bugfixes

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Fri Oct 4 14:07:30 PDT 2013

Eric Anholt <eric at anholt.net> writes:

> Eric Anholt (20):
>       ephyr: Drop dead ephyrHostAtomToLocal code.
>       ephyr: Expose a single function for detecting extensions.
>       ephyr: Rename and use the proper type for what was host_screen->info.
>       ephyr: Move the host screen info into the kdrive screen private.
>       ephyr: Move event processing into ephyr.c.
>       ephyr: Remove some pointless indirection in the XV code.
>       ephyr: Refactor XV adaptor feature detection.
>       ephyr: Remove the host/server split for XV adaptors.
>       ephyr: Remove the host/server split for XV attributes.
>       ephyr: Remove the host/server split for XV formats.
>       ephyr: Remove the host/server split for video encodings.
>       ephyr: Remove another host/server split for XV image formats.
>       ephyr: Remove the host/server split of the actual XV video operations.
>       ephyr: Remove the remaining bits of host/server XV split.
>       ephyr: Remove the helper libs for each of the optional components.
>       ephyr: Garbage collect some dead XV clipping code.
>       ephyr: Garbage collect some DOA host window clipping code.
>       ephyr: Use host (HW) cursors by default.
>       ephyr: Flush the X connection when updating the window title.
>       ephyr: Do grab/ungrab for ctrl+shift, not just shift+ctrl.
> Julien Cristau (19):
>       Xephyr: stop loading the host's keymap
>       Xephyr: start converting hostx.c over to xcb
>       Xephyr: use xcb-shape instead of XShape*
>       Xephyr: no need for XDisplayKeycodes
>       Xephyr: xcb-ify pointer/keyboard grab
>       Xephyr: xcb-ify visual list construction
>       Xephyr: delete unused proxy code
>       Xephyr: delete unused hostx_get_extension_info function
>       Xephyr: replace XKeycodeToKeysym with xcb-keysyms
>       Xephyr: move HostX.visual to xcb
>       Xephyr: some more hostx.c xcb-ification
>       Xephyr: use xcb for event handling
>       Xephyr: use xcb-xv instead of libXv
>       Xephyr: move ephyrdri over to xcb
>       Xephyr: remove unused DRI1 code
>       Xephyr: move glx code to xcb
>       Xephyr: drop remaining Xlib dependency
>       Xephyr: handle errors in event loop
>       Xephyr: we're not using Xlib anymore, no need to undef _XSERVER64
> Sebastien Bacher (1):
>       kdrive: initialize GLX for xephyr

   4399bd3..f3b529b  master -> master

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