[PULL] Megamerge

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Fri Oct 4 13:53:51 PDT 2013

Adam Jackson <ajax at nwnk.net> writes:

> Adam Jackson (41):
>       randr: Fix a copypasta bug in CRTC confinement
>       os: Factor out some common code in input buffer handling
>       mipointer: Flatten calls to mieqSwitchScreen
>       mipointer: Remove EnqueueEvent from miPointerScreenFuncRec
>       dix: Remove a dead parameter from DoGetImage
>       dmx: Remove ShadowFB support
>       damage: Remove the 'damage window' resource type.
>       dbe: Drop the unused idiom support
>       dbe: Fold midbe reset into dix
>       dbe: Fold the window private private into the window private
>       list: Avoid using X types
>       dri2: Don't bother with xf86LoaderCheckSymbol("DRI2Connect")
>       misprite: Delete some dead private storage
>       vbe: Don't try to load the ddc submodule
>       dix: FIXES is not optional
>       xfree86: Remove deprecated unimplemented xf86MapReadSideEffects
>       mipointer: Remove deprecated miPointerCurrentScreen
>       fb: Remove unused compatibility wrappers
>       damage: Implicitly unregister on destroy
>       damage: Simplify DamageUnregister
>       damage: Don't rewrite Text ops to GlyphBlt ops
>       damage: Remove "post-rendering" hooks
>       damageext: Style fix
>       dmx/glx: Remove unused __glXNop
>       glxproxy: Don't track GLCLientm{aj,in}orVersion
>       glx: Remove unused bits from the context struct
>       glx: Pull GLX vendor string out of __GLXscreen
>       glx: Style fixes
>       glx: Compute number of attributes in GetDrawableAttributes on the fly
>       glx: Implement GLX_{WIDTH,HEIGHT} in GetDrawableAttributes
>       glx: Implement GLX_FBCONFIG_ID in GetDrawableAttributes
>       glx: Implement GLX_PRESERVED_CONTENTS drawable attribute
>       glx: Handle failure to create the pixmap backing the pbuffer
>       glx: Eliminate a small malloc from QueryContext
>       glx: realloc style fix in RenderLarge
>       glx: Remove support for NV_vertex_program and NV_fragment_program
>       glx: Remove pixmapMode from __GLXconfig
>       glx: Remove screen number from __GLXconfig
>       glx: Catch another failure case in drawable creation
>       glx: Remove a dead comment
>       glx: Fill in some missing attributes from DoGetFBConfigs
> Chris Wilson (1):
>       os: Immediately queue initial WriteToClient
> Keith Packard (1):
>       miext/sync: Fix multi-screen support in SyncFence initialization
> Laurent Carlier (1):
>       ephyr: restore GLX support
> Michal Srb (1):
>       Xnest: Implement xnestModifyPixmapHeader
> Peter Harris (2):
>       mi: Avoid stack smash when drawing dashed lines
>       security: Don't count RetainPermanent clients twice
> Radek Doulik (1):
>       xnest: Ignore GetImage() error in xnestGetImage()

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