Error loading keymap introduced 09-13 or later

Knut Petersen Knut_Petersen at
Tue Oct 1 12:12:33 PDT 2013

Hi everybody!

A full build of xorg (todays git sources) succeeded, but the
server fails to load the keymap.

[  1231.896] (EE) Error loading keymap /home/knut/fast/xorg/X11-z/usr/share/X11/xkb/compiled/server-0.xkm
[  1231.896] (EE) XKB: Failed to load keymap. Loading default keymap instead.

  /home/knut/fast/xorg/X11-z/usr/share/X11/xkb/compiled/ does not
contain any compiled keymaps.

That´s also true for a full build from the 2013-09-13 git trees,
But that server succeeds to load the german keymap file
defined in the configuration files.

The log files of both servers are (aside from time codes and version infos) identical,
only the EE lines are missing in the 09-13 log.

Both servers use the same config files and were built with the same script.

I keep a version files or every build, so a ""diff -y --suppress-common-lines X11-[y,z]/versions > diffversions
produced the attached file describing the differences of the sources used.

I don´t see any candidate for that changed behaviour.

Any idea?

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Building to run Linux / i686 ( Fr 13. Sep 00:37:54 |	Building to run Linux / i686 ( Di 1. Okt 14:57:07 
proto/x11proto     6d4acb0e3a6568a8faaa651d4e3d32f917b9067b A |	proto/x11proto     ed5a86761d96d4bdebda4f09071a49cbf4688d1b R
lib/libXau     899790011304c4029e15abf410e49ce7cec17e0a libXa |	lib/libXau     304a11be4727c5a7feeb2501e8e001466f8ce84e XauFi
lib/libX11     cb107760df33ffc8630677e66e2e50aa37950a5c libX1 |	lib/libX11     18a5278b008e9faa59b346fcab18a8d74b875fda makek
lib/libXt     8828fc21cb5b10f06294e460d15c38e234324960 Revert |	lib/libXt     51d63a9d82dc4f2407862131bbf3e5d72b4505d3 Use $(
lib/libXaw     a2d573ad309b4e717c5aef4635daa51e60a46db7 libXa |	lib/libXaw     0543fa37ebdc48c0432425de80abc63235182085 Makef
							      >	lib/libXaw3d     5e8370095b40d642505bc3129cb7c38aeb98247e Rem
pixman/     a4c79d695d52c94647b1aff78548e5892d616b70 Drop sup |	pixman/     b513b3dffe979056dbbbdc8e0659f8018c51c5f5 blitters
mesa/drm     b6da447c04ea3f243b56dc964bc8d43bba003ae2 freedre |	mesa/drm     75f747b919e1b1cd852eeaa8e662e72273189fb2 radeon:
mesa/mesa     2b71b3d4666b076ef45d03b9b4b4c527bda21e1c mesa:  |	mesa/mesa     eb0a57acaa7026b3212742a30f4ada3271d95616 i915: 
app/rstart     90600351e9f379b98ffac1b10cbf47b9787d1dc1 The s |	app/rstart     1487cbd32df5227fea705d25f938a6e2401b2743 error
app/xauth     6dda11c17f2fdc47d43f269dccee98ec66cc8c4b Assume |	app/xauth     58140dbbd39389ad6af58e201e055f3d4b92d368 Look f
app/xinit     cdc39fd28649ea906dea8f58981d15d4b04a0a47 xinit  |	app/xinit     182920f156c87715d91b2f64b8781a0072af996e Fix wa
app/xinput     157d147fe10dd31d7c6a286c046348b8699ba9ea Fix v |	app/xinput     1f812f44a3a22e27de00a447c34657e590231a76 Drop 
xserver/     47ff382d1fce25a8b097d45b79489e891f1f1228 Merge r |	xserver/     7d3d4ae55dd6ee338439e2424ac423b1df80501b damage:
driver/xf86-video-intel     76790db4e6b33a439a6426ec73547904a |	driver/xf86-video-intel     c724098f2215ff4f4193bbae3d8e42889
							      >	driver/xf86-video-modesetting     e8bd7c2dc3329fa0da3078b6d2c
xkeyboard-config/     c2309b50e7ef7b9263278fd8ff73dda1484d72d |	xkeyboard-config/     aae40f98d6694e852c5e192f05643adbd16a325
xrestop     27ce94e4ec60b37ea75bc8f8f10020b258a475b5 config:  |	xrestop     59017f0bb0acdc5ab86cc5b40accf5f1e9c35b53 More man

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