MultiThreaded Xorg Server?

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at
Mon May 6 08:39:00 PDT 2013

On 05/ 6/13 01:36 AM, 小飞珑 wrote:
> I am concentrating on performance of Xorg server for several months. I found
> that it seemed Dispatch() in dix/dispatch.c could be multi threaded, say, the
> event and request handling might be handled by several threads. Was it possible?
> Or it might not be as easy as it looks like? Thanks for your attention.

Making over a million lines of code thread-safe, plus all the loadable driver
modules - both open & closed source, doesn't look even remotely easy.

There were experiments with multithreaded servers in the early 90's, in which
I believe they found most operations simply ended up waiting on the lock for
the graphics hardware - perhaps the different mix of operations today would
have different results, but it's still not an easy task to try to find out.

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