Patch for compose key sequences J with acute

Pander pander at
Mon May 6 01:31:23 PDT 2013

> On 2013-02-20 17:28, James Cloos wrote:
>> One quick review note:
>> Per 10646 and unicode, that miniscule sequence should
>> be <U+006A U+0301> "j́" and not <U+0237 U+0303> "ȷ́".
> Do you mean (only fix in tyop in quote of my proposal):
> <U+006A U+0301> "j́" and not <U+0237 U+0301> "ȷ́".
> I just noticed that on bitmap fonts such as the command line, one still
> sees the dot of the j or a j followed by a filled diamond shape.
>> The i and j are defined to have soft dots; all combining sequence
>> starting with either MUST ignore the dot on the base character.
>> Not all font/rendering engines tuples get this right, but they should,
>> and searches et al probably expect j́.
> So indeed there is some work on the rendering part. Attached is a new
> patch with you improvement. Does anyone would like to have the reverse
> order supported and/or dead keys supported for this?

Could someone sign off patch 0.2 and add it to the repo?

See also

>> -JimC
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> Pander
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