glamor with xserver > 1.12

Alex B pkunk.ab at
Sun Mar 10 13:25:37 PDT 2013


I need working glamor to get 3d acceleration on my video card (Radeon HD 7700)
My current distribution Arch Linux provides xserver 1.13 and about to
move on 1.14.

Only way I found to make glamor work is to add /usr/lib/xorg/modules

So question is:
Is it valid way to make glamor work and can be recommended for distro packaging?
Or glamor AccelMethod is broken beyond repair and distros should  wait
when it will be fixed in glamor itself and xserver?
Or there is another proper way to make glamor work.

without workaround:
with workaround:

Original ticket in Arch Linux bugtracker:


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