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Tue Aug 13 14:47:46 PDT 2013

Alan Coopersmith <alan.coopersmith at> writes:

> Can you remind me what it actually does?  I see several posts on your
> blog describing various features, but didn't see a big picture/introduction
> for those who haven't been closely following DRI3000 development.

The first Present post tries to explain what the extension does:

In short, it's a way of getting new window content onto the screen in a
vblank-synchronized fashion from a pixmap. This should allow regular X
applications to produce efficient and non-tearing updates, and when
combined with DRI3, will also allow direct rendering applications the
same features.

So, the fundamental purpose of the extension is to get bits from a
pixmap and stuff them on the screen. I called it 'Present', intending to
use the verb form and not the noun (as in I present you with this lovely
pixmap, please put it in my window). Some verb indicating the submission
of new contents is what I'm looking for here.

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