License of Adobe Utopia fonts

Fabian Greffrath fabian at
Mon Aug 5 00:24:32 PDT 2013

Dear Xorg developers,

please forgive if this issue has already been brought up frequently.

In <> Xorg
distributes the Adobe Utopia font in Type 1 format, which has been
donated by Adobe many years ago. However, the license included with
these fonts is ambigious and does not explicitely grant permission to
modify [1]. Thus, this font is considered non-free e.g. in Debian.

Later on, Adobe has donated the same font files to the TeX User Group
with an improved license which clarifies their intent [2] and which is
finally considered free. It includes, however, a rule that the fonts, if
redistributed outside the TeX User Group, must not retain the original
font name.

So, is it true that taking over the new license for these fonts from TeX
would on the one hand make the fonts "more free" by explicitely granting the right of
modification, but would on the other hand also mean they could not get distributed under
their Adobe Utopia names?

Or are there any other reasons why the
font-adobe-utopia-type1-1.0.4.tar.bz2 tarball distributed by Xorg still
refers to the old, non-free license?

Best regards,

- Fabian


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