FOSDEM2013: DevRoom or not?

Arthur Huillet arthur.huillet at
Fri Sep 28 13:18:13 PDT 2012


I believe that the audience at FOSDEM might be interested in a general course
about the graphics infrastructure under Linux.

What I have in mind would be a talk that explains : what's X, why do we need
it, what is so special about 3D applications that you need a "driver" to run
any of them (and who's this driver anyway), what's software rendering, HW
acceleration, what is Mesa, what is a DRI driver, ... with examples aimed at
making people understand not only *how* they are supposed to set up any new
hardware they lay their hands upon, but why it works the way it does. Bonus
points for a complete status report of current hardware support under Linux at
the end.

Perhaps I'm wrong but I think that would be a good way to reach out to a
community of people who usually have a very, very limited grasp of what it is
exactly that we are doing. (I'm including myself because it's easier to do so
for the purpose of this e-mail)

Would anyone be willing to do such a presentation?

A. Huillet

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