XDC2012: Joystick Input thoughts

Nathan Schulte nmschulte at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 22:18:18 PDT 2012

I apologize if I've used the wrong list, but I figure as XDC2012 is
only mentioned on #xorg-devel (not on #xorg) on freenode (IRC) that
this is the right place.

I had a comment regarding the feedback/output to input devices
discussed in the session.  My immediate thought was regarding the LEDs
on the keyboard for caps/scroll/num lock as a common means of
feedback.  I'm not sure how this is handled in terms of input and
X.org, but I believe it is/can be controlled by the host.  As a gamer
I have many... "feature-rich" input devices; controllable LED lighting
in my mouse and keyboard, macro pages on my keyboard (these are
programmable via the host; a sort of indirect feedback I suppose), and
finally, the LCD screen integrated into my keyboard (a Logitech G15).
I have a bit of familiarity with USB and how a single device can
present multiple endpoints and functions, and it's possible (or
probable, due to the inability to rely on a standard method) that
these extra features are exposed via a second, perhaps
proprietary/non-standard, endpoint/function/whatever from the device
in addition to the generic HID keyboard/mouse.  I'm not sure if that's
the case, and if it is how it coincides with current paradigm in
X.org, but the concerns regarding force-feedback on the joystick seem
to be in-line with the "rich" features many of these devices have.

Just my thoughts from watching the video.

Thanks for keeping up with the talks on YouTube; hopefully the live
stream starts working soon.

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