[PATCH 5/5] dix: Remove MapUnmapEventsEnabled and friends

Ville Syrjälä syrjala at sci.fi
Thu Sep 20 09:41:45 PDT 2012

On Thu, Sep 20, 2012 at 11:16:26AM -0400, Adam Jackson wrote:
> This hack was added to suppress events generated by Composite's internal
> unmap/map cycle on redirection state change.  Since that cycle was
> removed in 193ecc8b4, these can go.

I sent an identical patch a long time ago, but I suppose it fell
through the cracks. But feel free to go with your version ;)

Reviewed-by: Ville Syrjälä <syrjala at sci.fi>

Ville Syrjälä
syrjala at sci.fi

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