libX11: Changes to 'master'

Daniel Stone daniel at
Tue Mar 20 11:02:21 PDT 2012


On 20 March 2012 17:55, Pander <pander at> wrote:
> On 2012-03-20 16:41, Julien Cristau wrote:
>> Then let's make it consistent by only having one of the orders for new
>> sequences.  Over time people will get the order that actually works in
>> muscle memory, we won't have so many duplicate sequences that make it
>> impossible to ever add new ones for new symbols, everyone wins.
> I completely agree on this policy for new series of sequences.
> [...]
> Since this concerns an existing conflict and not a new sequence, I hope
> you see the international value of resolving this to map <o>
> <apostrophe> to ó. This will result truly in a win-win situatión with
> the same compose sequences for all users of X, including GNOME.

I completely agree; I'm struggling to think of a single use for å with
a combining acute accent, whereas ó is a character people actually
use.  A lot.


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