[libxkbcommon] Pull request - many changes

Daniel Stone daniel at fooishbar.org
Sat Mar 17 08:31:52 PDT 2012


On 17 March 2012 15:21,  <wettstein509 at solnet.ch> wrote:
>> And the changed you made are much better; especially removing geometry
>> (by far the ugliest part) and overlays and radio groups (what the hell
>> are those again?). Also removing atoms from the public API.
> Overlays are a very useful feature (I do not say this theoretically, I
> actually do use them).  I would regret it very much if they would not be
> supported anymore.  As I do not know what libxkbcommon is used for, I
> wonder what will be the consequences of this removal?  Do I have to
> worry about the future of this beloved XKB feature?

At the moment it just means they won't work in Wayland, but support
might (might) be removed from the X server at some stage too.  Is
there any reason you can't just use a locked group or level rather
than an overlay?


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