[PATCH xorg-gtest v2 0/9] Switch from a precompiled library to a source distribution

Chase Douglas chase.douglas at canonical.com
Tue Mar 13 22:39:47 PDT 2012

On 03/13/2012 07:30 PM, Gaetan Nadon wrote:
> On 12-03-13 08:53 PM, Gaetan Nadon wrote:
>> On 12-03-13 02:47 PM, Chase Douglas wrote:
>>> The major change in this round is to patch 8. Instead of instructing users to
>>> include an automake snippet installed on the system, the README now says to copy
>>> the snippet into the project. The snippet needs to be available before
>>> autoreconf is run. It would be possible to copy the snippet into place in
>>> autogen.sh, but that would be a very non-standard solution to the problem and
>>> would require the user to have xorg-gtest installed.
>>> The xorg-gtest.m4 macro now sets BASE_CXXFLAGS and STRICT_CXXFLAGS properly.
>>> The other change is the addition of patch 9. It allows for the Xorg binary to be
>>> set through a compilation flag. This should make it possible to use xorg-gtest's
>>> main() with an Xorg server built in the xserver project.
>>> All XORG_MACROS_VERSION calls have been updated to require 1.17 for
>>> -- Chase
>> Some quick testing:
>> Applying: Ship xorg-gtest.m4 and Makefile-xorg-gtest.am
>> /home/nadon/xorg/src/test/xorg-gtest/.git/rebase-apply/patch:45:
>> trailing whitespace.
>> Moreover, a custom main() function that takes care of setting up the
>> /home/nadon/xorg/src/test/xorg-gtest/.git/rebase-apply/patch:47:
>> trailing whitespace.
>> replacement for libgtest_main.a
>> warning: 2 lines add whitespace errors.
>> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> $ make distcheck:
>> make[3]: Entering directory
>> `/home/nadon/xorg/src/test/xorg-gtest/xorg-gtest-0.1.1/_build/examples'
>>   CXX    libgtest_a-gtest-all.o
>>   CXX    libxorg_gtest_a-xorg-gtest-all.o
>>   CXX    libxorg_gtest_main_a-xorg-gtest_main.o
>>   CXX    xorg-gtest-example.o
>> In file included from ../../src/device.cpp:28:0,
>>                  from ../../src/xorg-gtest-all.cpp:28:
>> ../../include/xorg/gtest/evemu/device.h:36:19: fatal error: evemu.h: No
> Something needs to be conditionally included when evemu package is not
> available.
>> such file or directory
>> compilation terminated.
>> make[3]: *** [libxorg_gtest_a-xorg-gtest-all.o] Error 1

I hadn't tried make distcheck while libutouch-evemu was not installed.
This was a simple fix: inside xorg-gtest-all.cpp, wrap #include
"device.cpp" in a #ifdef HAVE_EVEMU.

Now it builds and checks without issue with or without utouch-evemu

>> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>     *** Update comment as well with 1.17  *** We've all done this :-)
>> # Require X.Org macros 1.16 or later for XORG_TESTSET_CFLAG
>> m4_ifndef([XORG_MACROS_VERSION],
>>       [m4_fatal([must install xorg-macros 1.16 or later before running
>> autoconf/autogen])])
>> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Running "make all" or "make clean" does not produce anything, no targets
>> to build or clean. This is strange as distcheck does find something to
>> compile. Sorry, I did not have time to investigate, maybe it is just a
>> local problem.
> Ok, 'make check' is the target to invoke. Running 'distcheck' always
> runs 'check'.

Correct. We don't ship a library anymore, so there's no reason to build
anything during normal make. Make check can be run to ensure that it
builds and runs against the installed X server. If you disable
integration tests, it will not attempt to run the example test.

>> I have libgtest-dev installed but not libutouch-evemu-dev.
> I installed evemu lib and the compilation is ok. However the TESTS
> fails, so distcheck fails.
>     make  check-TESTS
>     make[3]: Entering directory
>     `/home/nadon/xorg/src/test/xorg-gtest/xorg-gtest-0.1.1/_build/examples'
>     [==========] Running 1 test from 1 test case.
>     [----------] Global test environment set-up.
>     unknown file: Failure
>     C++ exception with description "Dummy X server failed to start, did
>     you run as root?" thrown in auxiliary test code (environments or
>     event listeners).
>     FAIL: xorg-gtest-example
>     ==================
>     1 of 1 test failed
>     ==================
>     make[3]: *** [check-TESTS] Error 1
> If the intention was to run "integration" tests which requires root or
> other special requirements, rather than a module unit testing, this will
> conflict with the purpose of distcheck.

The exception comment is a little old. With X server 1.12 you don't need
to be root to run xorg-gtest tests.

I'm not sure why it failed for you. Can you check /tmp/Xorg.GTest.log?
Do you have the xserver installed?

As for integration tests in xorg-gtest's distcheck, I'm not sure what is
best, but I am leaning towards checking with the integration test as it
exists today. It only requires that the xserver is available. I think
that's a reasonable requirement for someone releasing xorg-gtest. They
should be sure that it does work with the xserver.

I have updated my "source" branch at
git://people.freedesktop.org/~cndougla/xorg-gtest with the fix for the
no-evemu build failure and the whitespace fixes. Once we resolve your
test run failure I can send out a revision of the patches that hopefully
resolves everything.


-- Chase

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