[PATCH synaptics v5 00/18] Clickpad patches

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Mon Mar 12 23:37:27 PDT 2012

New additions since v4:
- middle button emulation disabled on clickpads. You can enable it later if
  you feel like it. aim for the right foot, it hurts more.
- some cleanup patches that I didn't really end up needing, but, well, now
  that they're here might as well merge them (02-05)
- ClickFingers now only works on button press, not on any event. This breaks
  current functionality, one can press the left button, then do a two-finger
  tap to get a right click. That breaks, now you have to press after putting
  the fingers down (which is the documented behaviour anyway). 
- the BTN_EMULATED_FLAG is a hack to get 1.6 out the door, the driver needs
  a rewrite. the hw state handling is painful.
- ClickFinger action vs click-and-drag action is now guessed on finger
  distance (11/18). if we all had touchpads that didn't lie about their
  size, the distance wouldn't be hardcoded.
- soft button area is initialised for clickpads only. I don't want to
  support soft buttons if you have real physical buttons.


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