[PATCH xorg-gtest 0/8] Switch from a precompiled library to a source distribution

Chase Douglas chase.douglas at canonical.com
Fri Mar 9 12:45:29 PST 2012

Google test does not recommend distributing precomiled libraries. See:


The Debian libgtest-dev package no longer has shared libraries, and soon will
lose static libraries too. The Ubuntu libgtest-dev package already has removed
all libraries.

This patch series reworks the build, install, and usage of xorg-gtest. The most
important change is the last commit, which distributes an aclocal macro and a
Makefile-xorg-gtest.am file for inclusion in projects using xorg-gtest. The
mechanism I chose for inclusion of Makefile-xorg-gtest.am is non-standard, but
it was the best option I could think of.

I have incorporated the changes into utouch-grail as a test to show that the new
mechanisms work properly. For reference, the changes may be found at:


I hopefully have Cc'd everyone I know who is using xorg-gtest currently. When
this is merged, I will start adding tests to the X server.


-- Chase

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