Modules & releases needed for X11R7.7 katamari

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at
Thu Mar 8 23:12:40 PST 2012

For this year's katamari, I've only kicked out a couple modules - the
two input drivers (acecad & aiptek) which were declared dead during
the last year.

So far I've not added any new ones - the most likely candidate I see
for adding is xf86-video-nouveau.   Given nvidia's statement about
ending support for xf86-video-nv, is it time to replace -nv with
-nouveau?   (I'm sure we've discussed this before and I'm just doing
too many things at once to remember right now.)

xf86-video-modesetting seems like a candidate for next year, but it
seemed too soon for inclusion this year.

Any other modules people want to nominate to add or remove for the
X11R7.7 katamari?

Remember - being in or out doesn't change the usability or support status
of a module, just which end up in the /releases/7.7 directory for people
trying to bootstrap from a known-working-together baseline.

There's still a bunch of modules needing release, marked with a * below.
In deciding what to * as needing release, I figured that these things
needed releases:

  - drivers with commits mentioning new ABI support
  - modules with fixes for bugs reported by users
  - modules with the DocBook/XML cross-linking support changes

and that modules that just had configure clean ups or other minor things
didn't need to be called out here as blocking the katamari.   (Doesn't mean
people can't release them if wanted, and I can also provide the output of my
script that lists all the commits in each module since it was last tagged if
anyone else  wants to go through some.)

I'm finishing off the libs still, and will do the proto modules soon, but the
drivers I'm mainly leaving for the driver maintainers to do.

I'm not planning on doing a mass font release just to get the new 
cross-compiling support into their configure scripts, but if someone who would
use that wants to do it, I won't object.

BTW, I've been using Gaetan's new version of that automates
even more of the steps, so you just need to commit the version bump to
the and then run the script to tag, make dist, upload, etc.
and can recommend it to others releasing modules.   I haven't tried the
multi-module release mode yet, but someone wanting to release a batch of
fonts or unloved video drivers for archaic hardware may want to try that out.

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