Question about vesa and fbdev drivers

Victor Schneider, Ph. D. vtailor at
Tue Jun 19 23:51:50 PDT 2012

I have been working with the Intel Cedarview desktop boards, getting them to do 16:9 video under Linux (variants of Slackware mostly). For a reason that eludes me, using 915resolution to change the video bios to 16:9 is much, much faster with uvesafb.ko and latest fbdev than it is with the latest vesa driver. (Adding a few lines to the stock 915resolution program makes it work with the Cedarview bios.)

What I am saying is that the fbdev 16:9 video does all kinds of streaming video quite well, whereas the vesa 16:9 video is much slower. The smeared fonts problem is dealt with by in web browsers by selecting a family of TTF fonts and erasing all the non-bold members.

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