1.13 schedule

Dave Airlie airlied at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 08:42:52 PDT 2012

> I realized yesterday that we hadn't ever discussed a release schedule
> for the 1.13 X server.
> The big blocker for this has been Dave Airlie's massive API/ABI rework
> to try and clear the decks for hot-plug GPUs and other new stuff. That's
> landing today, and so it seems like a good time to figure out the rest
> of the schedule.

Yeah I'm sorta torn between wanting to land at least one multi-gpu feature,
landing all of them, or landing none :-)

The platform bus and the randr provider objects are the basis for most of it,
however there are still some api changes needed, though they are just
rebuild drivers that don't want new features.

The platform bus I've just resent, and I'd hope tomorrow to try and get
the provider object stuff cleaned up and resent, after the previous comments
on it.

I have 4 stages of features then:

1: output slaves - hotplug usb devices, expand the desktop.
2: DRI2 offload slaves - for rendering on a second GPU
3: GPU switching - requires introducing the impedance layer between
protocol and gpu screen for primary screen, so probably needs a lot
more review. With the impedance layer and tracking of
pixmap/gc/picture objects, it should be possible to switch the
intel/nvidia gpus around on the fly
4: xinerama removal - allow multiple master render/output nodes, with
xrandr controlling them and their locations, this would pretty much
encompass xinerama functionality. (this is definitely a future future

I've gotten 1+2 working on top of the current server, and I think for
1.13 it might be realistic to  merge them, if I can get them
posted/reviewed in the next few weeks, with 3 for 1.14 and 4 for 1.15
depending on how much energy/hatred I have left.

I honestly don't expect any fallout, apart from build fixing, from the
API changes I've done so far, there is close to 0 functionality change
in any of the paths we use in drivers.

But I don't really want to hold up any other features that are going
into 1.13, if others want to push forward and get it out the door


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