Re: 答复: 答复: [PATCH]new driver for siliconmotion

Michal Suchanek hramrach at
Fri Jul 20 03:42:30 PDT 2012

On 20 July 2012 11:56, Aaron.Chen  陈俊杰 <aaron.chen at> wrote:
> Hi Matt&Michal,
> Thank you for your advice. We are updating our codes in order to submit the source code successfully.
> We are doing the following changes. Next patch will be in the end of this month. (by the way, shall I make a new patch based on older source code or based on last patch?)

The patch(es) should be based on the current upstream smi driver git tree ( in this case).

This is somewhat implied but not explicitly written on

> 1. >                    |   81 +-
>>There are a lot of useless changes in, like lowering the AC_PREREQ number and changing the bugzilla link. Also, the version number in is wrong.
> We are updating the file.
> 2. > man/                 |   64 +-
>>You replaced the Oracle copyright notice with the old Sun copyright notice. Clearly wrong, and it makes it clear that this wasn't well reviewed or rebased.
> We've replaced old Sun copyright notice with the Oracle copyright notice. Is it OK?
> 3. > src/CALLMAP                     |   22 +
>>This is a useless file that was probably removed from git a long time ago. Don't add it back.
> The file has been deleted.
> 4. > src/Imakefile                   |  116 +
>>WTF? No. Just no.
>>I see that the driver has RANDR support. No version of the X server ever had an Imake build system and also RANDR support. Remove this Imakefile.
> The file has been deleted.

All the above issues discovered by the OP show that you have not
merged your code properly with upstream git code. That is,  you add
back obsolete files that have been removed previously or go back to
old revisions of files that have been updated in the git repository.
You need to fix not only the issues explicitly mentioned above but
review the patch for possible other similar problems.

> 5.
> +*         Copyright (c) 2007 by Silicon Motion, Inc. (SMI)
> +*
> +*  All rights are reserved. Reproduction or in part is prohibited
> +*  without the written consent of the copyright owner.
>>That doesn't look good.
> We will use the same old format:    Copyright (C) YYYY Silicon Motion, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.
> Is this OK?

The part that is definitely not OK is "Reproduction or in part is prohibited
+*  without the written consent of the copyright owner."



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