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Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at
Mon Jul 9 13:56:33 PDT 2012

On 07/ 7/12 02:43 PM, esr at wrote:
> I maintain a man-page-to-DocBook converter, doclifter. A side effect
> of this program is that it serves as a validator for the correctness
> and portability of the markup used on Unix manual pages.  I do fixup
> passes on the man-page universe every few years; my last one was in
> 2007, an unusually long interval).

Yes, I remember applying a number of patches you submitted to us then,
such as

> I'm requesting commit access to the X repo so that nobody else
> will have to pore through this boring crap in order to apply it.

That seems reasonable to me, given you've already had a number of such
patches applied to our repos and are generally known to enough of our
developers.    If you already have a account, we can
ask the admins to add the xorg group to your list to get access to our
git repos as well.

If not, then you'll need to submit PGP & SSH keys to get an account
created, as described on:
If you file the bug against the xorg product, I'll see it, add the ack
and assign to the sysadmins to go in their queue for creation.

Our git usage guidelines (very much like the Linux kernel, especially
around things like Signed-off-by) are posted at:

We don't require review before pushing for simple doc updates for most
modules - however a couple of our modules have maintainers who request
all changes be sent to them via git send-email or the equivalent and
they will then apply the fix.   Most notably the xserver module, but
also the vmware & vmmouse driver modules.   The maintainers for each
module are listed in:
(Though it looks like we fail to spell out there that xserver patches
 go to keithp at to be applied.   Oops.)

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