pull request: output and offload complete tree

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Mon Jul 9 09:28:01 PDT 2012

Dave Airlie <airlied at gmail.com> writes:

>       configure: bump randrproto min requirements to 1.4.0
>       randr: add provider object and provider property support (v6)
>       xfree86: add framework for provider support in ddx. (v4)
>       dix: add unattached list for attaching screens to initially. (v1.1)
>       dix: attach unbound screens to protocol screen 0 (v2)
>       randr: expose unattached providers to the clients.
>       xf86dga: handle DGAAvailable for gpu screens. (v2)
>       dix: add ability to link output slave gpus to the current gpu (v1.1)
>       dix: pixmap sharing infrastructure (v3)
>       exa: pixmap sharing infrastructure (v3)
>       randr: add initial scanout pixmap support (v3)
>       xf86: add initial scanout pixmap support (v2)
>       randr: fixup constrain to work with slave screens.
>       randr: fix tellchanged to work with slave scanouts
>       randr: check the screen size bounds against the master
>       dix/pixmap: track dirty pixmaps in server. (v4)
>       xf86/crtc: add new interface to detach slave crtcs
>       randr: hook up output slave to screen resources return
>       randr: add output source setup
>       xf86: add output source setting callback (v2)
>       xf86/cursor: fallback to sw cursor if we have slaves present.
>       xf86: make sure rotate calcs are done on the right screen boundaries
>       dix/xf86: initial offload slave tracking (v1.1)
>       randr: add hooks for offload sink provider protocol
>       xf86: store scanout pixmap in the xf86 struct as well.
>       xf86: add callback for offloak sink setting support.
>       dix/randr: add a hook into screen to replace scanout pixmap
>       configure: bump dri2proto to 2.8
>       dri2: add initial prime support. (v1.2)
>       dri2/prime: allocate prime id at screen allocation time

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