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Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Fri Jul 6 19:46:53 PDT 2012

Dave Airlie <airlied at gmail.com> writes:

> On Fri, Jul 6, 2012 at 9:21 PM, Keith Packard <keithp at keithp.com> wrote:

> Really if next server I'd really like to shove the scanout pixmap into
> the crtc set calls and break the ABI properly, for per-crtc pixmaps it
> would make life a bit easier I expect.

The atomic mode set API is what you mean, and it will do far more than
just set the pixmap :-)

>> prime_id? Seriously? What happens if you change the offload list while
>> some client is active?

I'd rather you allocate a nice server XID and stuff it in the objects so
you could use that instead of an index along a list. RandR did that
(externally) in the first version and it was torture.

> Okay I should look into this for a subsequent patch, I spotted that
> stuff but wasn't really sure about it.

Sounds good. Let's get that fixed before 1.13 ships; I can test it
easily enough as I never run a compositing manager.

Other than the prime_id stuff, this patch is also

Reviewed-by: Keith Packard <keithp at keithp.com>

keith.packard at intel.com
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