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Thu Jan 19 20:04:45 PST 2012

On 01/18/12 03:43 AM, Arnaud Fontaine wrote:
> Hello,
> I  merged the  code from  transset-df, did  a lot  of cleanup  and fixed
> memory leaks.   So I  guess that should  be fine now,  but if  anyone is
> willing to review, that would be great of course.

Did I miss a URL to review it at?

> What should I do to get it included into xorg/app/? Thanks.

We've never really established a formal process for deciding what new modules
Xorg will host, but this one seems fairly obvious since it was hosted by one
of our predecessor projects, the old

I've gone ahead and created a git repo for it under xorg/app on freedesktop,
but it looks like you're only in the xcb group, not the xorg group, so won't
be able to push directly to it yet.   I can approve a request to fd.o admins
to add you to the xorg group if you'd like to submit a ticket in bugzilla, but
I don't have the admin rights to do it directly.

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