[PATCH v2] xauth: improve to handle FamilyWild necessary for GDM/XDMCP/SSH. #43425

bd at bc-bd.org bd at bc-bd.org
Wed Aug 29 02:41:16 PDT 2012

> Whatever mail client you used totally corrupted the patch.   I was able to
> seemingly repair it by stripping ^M and then undoing line wraps, but git still
> hit a bunch of whitespace errors that had to be corrected.

Sorry about that, switching to mutt and a different address. Let's see if I got
the headers right, wrt not breaking the thread.

> Please don't add spaces to the end of lines, it makes git unhappy and
> introduces hard to spot diff mismatches in future patches.


> You can drop the "if (host)" and "if (rest)" [...]


> Also, this seems to be the only case in which you free those instead of
> letting them leak - why aren't you freeing them in the rest of the function?

Right, the comment in parse_displayname() threw me off:

    char *host = NULL;                  /* must free if set and error return */
    char *rest = NULL;                  /* must free if set and error return */

> Please be consistent in indent levels - don't use 4 space indents for if and
> else, then add 8 for the return clauses inside.

I really have no idea what you mean by that.

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