[PATCH lib/libxtrans] If Socket is getting interrupted with signal EINTR, after re attempts we are closing socket connection, which is wrong.

Arvind Umrao arvind.umrao at oracle.com
Thu Aug 23 03:37:39 PDT 2012

Code changes are integrated in Solaris and now I am trying to give back to community. If Socket is getting interrupted with signal EINTR, we should keep socket in progress state(TRANS_IN_PROGRESS) instead of trying again to connect(TRANS_TRY_CONNECT_AGAIN). When we close the socket connection on signal EINTR and retry, we will end up in same old state and stuck in loop. As per documentation if Connect() is interrupted by a signal that is caught, while blocked waiting to establish a connection, connect() shall fail and set connect() to [EINTR], but the connection request shall not be aborted, and the connection shall be established asynchronously. When the connection has been established asynchronously, select() and poll() shall indicate that the file descriptor for the socket is ready for writing.

Refer http://www.madore.org/~david/computers/connect-intr.html

Signed-off-by: Arvind Umrao <arvind.umrao at oracle.com>
 Xtranssock.c |    6 +++---
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/Xtranssock.c b/Xtranssock.c
index dfa41cf..6736cc8 100644
--- a/Xtranssock.c
+++ b/Xtranssock.c
@@ -1727,7 +1727,7 @@ TRANS(SocketINETConnect) (XtransConnInfo ciptr, char *host, char *port)
 	 * only affect one of a set of addresses.
-	if (olderrno == ECONNREFUSED || olderrno == EINTR
+	if (olderrno == ECONNREFUSED 
 #if defined(IPv6) && defined(AF_INET6)
 	  || (((addrlist->addr->ai_next != NULL) ||
 	        (addrlist->addr != addrlist->firstaddr)) &&
@@ -1740,7 +1740,7 @@ TRANS(SocketINETConnect) (XtransConnInfo ciptr, char *host, char *port)
-	else if (olderrno == EWOULDBLOCK || olderrno == EINPROGRESS)
+	else if (olderrno == EWOULDBLOCK || olderrno == EINPROGRESS || olderrno == EINTR)
 	    res = TRANS_IN_PROGRESS;
@@ -2028,7 +2028,7 @@ TRANS(SocketUNIXConnect) (XtransConnInfo ciptr, char *host, char *port)
 	    if (olderrno == EWOULDBLOCK || olderrno == EINPROGRESS)
 	    else if (olderrno == EINTR)
 	    else if (olderrno == ENOENT || olderrno == ECONNREFUSED) {
 		/* If opening as abstract socket failed, try again normally */
 		if (abstract) {

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