makedepend bug?

Pozz Pozz pozzugno at
Wed Aug 8 02:12:37 PDT 2012

I have tried to use the makedepend program, but I found a thing
similar to a bug.

A sample/test source file that causes the problem:
--- test.c ---
#define STR(a)   #a
#define XSTR(a)   STR(a)
#define INCLUDE XSTR(foo.h)
#include INCLUDE

It should be perfectly C code and the included file should be "foo.h",
but makedepend shows a warning message:
makedepend: warning:  test.c, line 4: incomplete include == "#include INCLUDE"

I tried to investigate the makedepend source files and it seems the
stringification (#) is not correctly managed during #include line

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