Building DRI-disabled drivers with DRI-enabled xserver

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at
Mon Sep 26 17:00:28 PDT 2011

On 09/26/11 04:22 PM, Matt Turner wrote:
> Hi,
> It seems impossible currently to build DDXs with --disable-dri against
> an X server built with DRI. The X server's xorg-server.h file defines
> XF86DRI, which is included by the DDX's config.h files.
> In config.h, if --enable-dri is passed, XF86DRI is defined to 1. With
> --disable-dri, /* #undef XF86DRI */ is added, which doesn't negate the
> definition provided by xorg-server.h, and causes build failures later
> on.
> Is this intended? We've had a bug about it in Gentoo for a while [1]
> and it seems to cover xf86-video-{tdfx,sis,ati,intel,mga,r128,savage}.
> The autoconf manual [2] seems to say there's no way to put #undef XXX
> into config.h. What's the solution here?

The one we've been using on Solaris is a bit of a hack - in the install
step of building the xorg package, I do:

         -rm -f $(SDK_INCLUDES_DIR)/xorg-server.h
         sed -e 's%#define XF86DRI 1%/* #define XF86DRI 1 */%' \
             $(SOURCE_DIR)/include/xorg-server.h > $(SDK_INCLUDES_DIR)/xorg-server.h

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