pscroll (high-resolution scrolling) update

Max Schwarz Max at
Mon Sep 26 03:56:45 PDT 2011

Hi Peter,

Am Monday, 26. September 2011, 16:11:05 schrieb Peter Hutterer:
> sorry, I completely forgot about that.
No problem at all. Your approach is certainly more flexible than mine ever was.
I like the idea of doing both-way emulation in the server, that removes the 
need to create both type of events in the drivers.

> Any comment on the smooth scrolling approach is appreciated, we're not final
> yet on the protocol.
I'm playing around with your code (your next-all branch) here, and it looks 
very good. I sent in a patch about the double/fraction conversion yesterday, 
maybe you've seen it. Without it the valuators always report integer values.

Additionally I got a compile error about redefinitions of "XF86OptionPtr" on 
your branch, I had to guard the typedefs with preprocessor guards. A small 
patch is here, though it's certainly better to look at why redefinitions occur:
If you need additional information on that, mail me.

I'm currently working on getting smooth scrolling working with wheel emulation 
in xf86-input-evdev, so I can test the 'smooth' part of the whole thing. I 
will probably send you a patch today if you are interested. I want to avoid 
working on the same parts you are working on though, that wouldn't be very 

I think I will focus on the client side of this after wheel emulation. Your 
patchset covers the side quite nicely ;-)
My old Qt4 patch should be easy to adopt, and I have got an idea about how to 
proceed with GTK as well.

Best regards,

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