[libXext: PATCH] Fix id attributes, linkend and olinks

Matt Dew marcoz at osource.org
Sat Sep 24 15:53:16 PDT 2011

>> >>
>> >>  For reference inside the doc, would it not be more appropriate to use
>> >>  xref or something?
>> >>  I thought olink were for refrence across external documents? One
>> >>  drawback of using olinks
>> >>  is that the masterdb may or may not be there. There may be a
>> >>  performance issue as well,
>> >>  or other unforeseen side-effects. No need to use a bigger hammer than
>> >>  necessary.
>> There were a couple small reasons that together made me think internal
>> olinks were better.  Consistency, olinks everywhere therefore no
>> confusion, and xref's generated ugly output. You can't define the link
> How about <link> http://docbook.org/tdg/en/html/link.html

That dawned on me about 30 seconds after I hit send.

link is very close to olink.
xref is not but lets us customize: 

So that I don't have another senior moment.

The options I'm aware of are:
olink   - external links to other docs in this collection
link    - hyperlinks within this doc
ulink   - links to anywhere, uses URIs
xref    - links within this document, template-able

I like that xrefs lets us insert things like Page # and Chapter # in the 
output. I like pg#s in pdf links.

Should, for the moment, we try to use one or the other so that we don't 
add to the tag proliferation, or does it matter?  I can see cases for each.

Your thoughts?

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