[PULL] bus cleanup, darwin hw/xfree86, build regression fixes

Daniel Stone daniel at fooishbar.org
Sat Sep 24 08:16:49 PDT 2011


On 24 September 2011 13:26, Mark Kettenis <mark.kettenis at xs4all.nl> wrote:
> It's still work.  And it probably inflicts pain on people like Micahel
> Daenzer who maintain drivers for older xserver releases.  And it also
> inflicts pain on people who maintain drivers out of the git
> repositories on freedesktop.org.  Like the xf86-video-intel driver we
> have on OpenBSD with forward ported modesetting changes.

So, given that this apparently causes so much work for you: would it
not be easier in the long run (as well as vastly more sensible) to
work on KMS support so you don't need to maintain a forked driver from
now until forever?

> I don't really object to the canges to the in10 module (although the
> libpciaccess API uses uint32_t instead of unsigned int).  But please
> keep the IOADDRESS typedef until the majority of the video drivers
> have been converted to use the libpciaccess API to do port IO.

Cool, that sounds like a good plan to me.  Who's going to do it? Has
anybody actually got this hardware in a multiple domain machine, with
the time to do it? Can you say with a straight face that you expect to
see patches porting them to libpciaccess with full multiple domain
support within the next release cycle? Within the next year?

I know it might sound like I'm trolling, but these are entirely
serious questions.


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