pscroll (high-resolution scrolling) update

Max Schwarz Max at
Thu Sep 22 13:17:28 PDT 2011


after a nearly year-long absence during my graduation from high school & other 
stuff, I came around to update pscroll again.
For those of you who have never heard of it, take a look at my github page:

I have updated the patches to xorg master now. The no-integration part in the 
server is now implemented through a new valuator axis flag field, as suggested 
on this list.

I added two functions to xi/exevents.h to access the flags 
(SetValuatorAxisFlag() and ValuatorAxisFlags()), should they also be prefixed 
with "XI" like many other functions there?

Patches are in the git repository as before:

I'll add the patch for Qt4 as soon as I have updated it. If you want to try it 
out yourself now, there is a small utility in the git repo (pscrolltest) to 
dump the high-resolution scroll events.

Comments and input on how to proceed are very welcome ;-)


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