Jeremy Huddleston jeremyhu at
Tue Sep 20 13:57:12 PDT 2011

I created server-1.11-branch a few days ago, and the plan is to get 1.11.1 RC1 out this Friday.  Seeing as how there isn't any change yet on master, we have nothing to cherry-pick in at this point.  As such, I don't expect that there will be much churn going into 1.11.1 and would like to keep it small to address only major issues and regressions.  In addition, the 1.11.1 schedule is going to be adjusted slightly to have just one RC:

9/23 - 1.11.1 RC1  (4 weeks after 1.11)
10/7 - 1.11.1      (6 weeks after 1.11)

Please nominate any top issues by this Thursday by emailing me.  If there is a [PATH] request out that should land in 1.11 and hasn't been reviewed, please let me know, and I'll review it or pester someone who can.  As of right now, the only major issue that comes to mind is the missing macros for wfb.

If there really is *nothing* else other than the wfb macros, I'll just release 1.11.1 on Friday as 1.11.0 + that patch and start the clock on our normal 6 week release cycle.


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