drivers to de-support (was: [PATCH 2/3] Remove libpciaccess and pixman-1 from Requires)

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Fri Sep 16 18:36:24 PDT 2011


On Fri, 16 Sep 2011 21:13:10 -0400
Matt Turner <mattst88 at> wrote:

> > Which goes back to another question raised at XDC - is it time to start
> > dropping support for video drivers the way we have for input drivers?
> >
> > rendition is one of my favorite examples there - it's so old that
> > Windows support isn't available for anything newer than Windows 98.
> >
> > Since Solaris 11 dropped 32-bit CPU support and is going 64-bit only,
> > the list of video drivers we'll be shipping shrunk dramatically, based
> > on those we expected to see in x64 systems, and is just:
> >
> > xf86-video-ast         xf86-video-mach64      xf86-video-trident
> > xf86-video-ati         xf86-video-mga         xf86-video-vesa
> > xf86-video-cirrus      xf86-video-nv          xf86-video-vmware
> > xf86-video-dummy       xf86-video-openchrome
> > xf86-video-intel       xf86-video-r128
> >
> > Besides the obvious ones, Cirrus survived mainly for the emulated forms in
> > qemu & similar virtualization, Trident because Sun shipped one on board in
> > one of our early AMD64 servers (the Sun Fire V20z), Matrox because of the
> > number of server/blade systems using service processors such as those from
> > Emulex with G200SE & similar graphics.   I don't actually have a good reason
> > why "nv" survived since we ship the nvidia proprietary driver.
> >
> > On the sparc side, we just ship ast & ati, since that's all that's supported
> > in
> > the SPARC server models that Solaris 11 officially supports.
> I think we should simply maintain the drivers we care about. I'll try
> to keep -glint going. For other drivers without any sort of
> maintainer, I don't think anything really changes from what's going on
> now.

We ( as in NetBSD ) already keep a bunch of patches to a bunch of drivers namely:
- chips. Put back basic ISA/VL support back so it can run on NetBSD/shark. It's also used in some old PowerBooks which some people still find useful ( that's PCI though )
- we keep mach64, r128 and old radeon support going because they were used in lots of Suns and Power Macs
- we have feature updates and fixes for almost all SBus and UPA drivers ( yes we run Xorg on almost everything )
- we use wsfb instead of vesa wherever we have a mappable framebuffer

have fun

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