Xserver driver merging pros & cons

Jeremy Huddleston jeremyhu at apple.com
Thu Sep 15 11:27:44 PDT 2011

On Sep 15, 2011, at 11:34 AM, Alex Deucher wrote:

> For me personally, I don't seem much advantage in moving the drivers
> into the xserver.  The number of ABI breaks is minimal (usually 1 per
> xserver) and those can usually be fixed within a day or so of the
> breakage.  I don't rebuild the xserver nearly as often as I rebuild
> the ddx so it would mean more work to keep up with the xserver changes
> on a regular basis.  For unmaintained drivers, this might be an
> advantage, but at this point the unmaintained drivers are just about
> all for hardware >10 years old, so I'm not sure how important it is to
> continue to pretend we still support them.

Unmaintained drivers would be left out of tree.  Ideally, we would just bring in the 5 or so video drivers that are used and maintained and the handful of input drivers that are still used.

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