[PATCH libXt] Install ErrorDB into a $datarootdir-path, not $libdir.

Egbert Eich eich at freedesktop.org
Wed Sep 7 14:03:09 PDT 2011

On Wed, Sep 07, 2011 at 01:50:06PM -0400, Gaetan Nadon wrote:
> On Wed, 2011-09-07 at 15:00 +0000, Egbert Eich wrote:
> > Sorry, forgot to metion in the header: this was for libXt.
> > 
> Can you also explain in the commit text the reasons why the location has
> changed? Most likely it is because the data it contains is architecture
> independent. Any impact regarding backward compatibility? Any thing a
> user should do after an upgrade?

Will do, will post a new patch once I've gotten some sleep.

Side effects of this change should be minimal as this file has never
existed as far as I can tell.
This change is to keep the location in sync with the location of
XErrorDB which would be very similar to XtErrorDB.

> I don't know anything about libXt, just noticed the commit text being
> identical to the code.
> Why is datarootdir being added to the pc file? I don't see it being used
> in any way through pkg-config. Usually there is a separate variable for
> specific resources being queried by other modules. For example the
> server has sdkdir for the development header files. Should they ever
> change location, the callers using pkg-config would not be affected.
> This is the list of variables used by modules to query resources from
> other modules:
>         --variable=appdefaultdir 
>         --variable=dridriverdir 
>         --variable=icondir 
>         --variable=includedir 
>         --variable=includex11dir 
>         --variable=pythondir 
>         --variable=sdkdir 
>         --variable=sysconfigdir 
>         --variable=systemdsystemunitdir 
>         --variable=xcbincludedir 
>         --variable=xkb_base 
>         --variable=xthreadlib 
> If there is a need for a module to get at the XtErrorDB path, I would
> suggest an explicit variable name. One should be able to figure it out
> simply by looking at the pc file.

Ok, this is a valid point. Like in libXcursor it should be:

or just:


This is in case a '3rd party' wants to supply this file. All this 
is pretty much overkill anyway as I don't expect this to happen ever.



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