[PATCH libX11 11/11] i18n: Remove duplicates and aliases to oneself.

Egbert Eich eich at freedesktop.org
Wed Sep 7 08:02:32 PDT 2011

Aliases to itself don't make much sense.
This changes occurances of:
xy_UV.UTF-8:			xy_UV.UTF-8
xy_UV:			xy_UV.UTF-8
where applicable.

Signed-off-by: Egbert Eich <eich at freedesktop.org>
 nls/locale.alias.pre |   41 +++++++++++++++++++----------------------
 1 files changed, 19 insertions(+), 22 deletions(-)

diff --git a/nls/locale.alias.pre b/nls/locale.alias.pre
index e2c4f3a..0d85156 100644
--- a/nls/locale.alias.pre
+++ b/nls/locale.alias.pre
@@ -52,8 +52,8 @@ ar_EG:						ar_EG.ISO8859-6
 ar_EG.iso88596:					ar_EG.ISO8859-6
 ar_EG.ISO-8859-6:				ar_EG.ISO8859-6
 ar_EG.utf8:					ar_EG.UTF-8
+ar_IN:						ar_IN.UTF-8
 ar_IN.utf8:					ar_IN.UTF-8
-ar_IN.UTF-8:					ar_IN.UTF-8
 ar_IQ:						ar_IQ.ISO8859-6
 ar_IQ.iso88596:					ar_IQ.ISO8859-6
 ar_IQ.ISO-8859-6:				ar_IQ.ISO8859-6
@@ -103,8 +103,8 @@ ar_TN.iso88596:					ar_TN.ISO8859-6
 ar_TN.ISO-8859-6:				ar_TN.ISO8859-6
 ar_TN.utf8:					ar_TN.UTF-8
 as:						as_IN.UTF-8
+as_IN:						as_IN.UTF-8
 as_IN.utf8:					as_IN.UTF-8
-as_IN.UTF-8:					as_IN.UTF-8
 ar_YE:						ar_YE.ISO8859-6
 ar_YE.iso88596:					ar_YE.ISO8859-6
 ar_YE.ISO-8859-6:				ar_YE.ISO8859-6
@@ -132,10 +132,10 @@ bg_BG.iso88595:					bg_BG.ISO8859-5
 bg_BG.ISO-8859-5:				bg_BG.ISO8859-5
 bg_BG.koi8r:					bg_BG.KOI8-R
 be_BG.utf8:					bg_BG.UTF-8
+bn_IN:						bn_IN.UTF-8
 bn_IN.utf8:					bn_IN.UTF-8
-bn_IN.UTF-8:					bn_IN.UTF-8
+bo_IN:						bo_IN.UTF-8
 bo_IN.utf8:					bo_IN.UTF-8
-bo_IN.UTF-8:					bo_IN.UTF-8
 br:						br_FR.ISO8859-1
 br_FR:						br_FR.ISO8859-1
 br_FR.iso88591:					br_FR.ISO8859-1
@@ -615,8 +615,8 @@ gl_ES.ISO-8859-15 at euro:				gl_ES.ISO8859-15
 gl_ES at euro:					gl_ES.ISO8859-15
 gl_ES.UTF-8 at euro:				gl_ES.UTF-8
 gl_ES.utf8:					gl_ES.UTF-8
+gu_IN:						gu_IN.UTF-8
 gu_IN.utf8:					gu_IN.UTF-8
-gu_IN.UTF-8:					gu_IN.UTF-8
 gv:						gv_GB.ISO8859-1
 gv_GB:						gv_GB.ISO8859-1
 gv_GB.iso88591:					gv_GB.ISO8859-1
@@ -643,8 +643,8 @@ hi_IN.isciidev:					hi_IN.ISCII-DEV
 hi_IN.utf8:					hi_IN.UTF-8
 HI_IN.UTF-8:					hi_IN.UTF-8
 hne:						hne_IN.UTF-8
+hne_IN:						hne_IN.UTF-8
 hne_IN.utf8:					hne_IN.UTF-8
-hne_IN.UTF-8:					hne_IN.UTF-8
 hr:						hr_HR.ISO8859-2
 hr_HR:						hr_HR.ISO8859-2
 hr_HR.iso88592:					hr_HR.ISO8859-2
@@ -735,8 +735,8 @@ kl_GL.utf8:					kl_GL.UTF-8
 km_KH:						mk_KH.UTF-8
 km_KH.utf8:					mk_KH.UTF-8
 kn:						kn_IN.UTF-8
+kn_IN:						kn_IN.UTF-8
 kn_IN.utf8:					kn_IN.UTF-8
-kn_IN.UTF-8:					kn_IN.UTF-8
 ko:						ko_KR.eucKR
 ko.UTF-8:					ko_KR.UTF-8
 ko_KR:						ko_KR.eucKR
@@ -748,11 +748,10 @@ ko_KR.euckr:					ko_KR.eucKR
 ko_KR.utf8:					ko_KR.UTF-8
 KO_KR.UTF-8:					ko_KR.UTF-8
 ks:						ks_IN.UTF-8
+ks_IN:						ks_IN.UTF-8
 ks_IN.utf8:					ks_IN.UTF-8
-ks_IN.UTF-8:					ks_IN.UTF-8
 ks_IN at devanagari:				ks_IN at devanagari.UTF-8
 ks_IN at devanagari.utf8:				ks_IN at devanagari.UTF-8
-ks_IN at devanagari.UTF-8:				ks_IN at devanagari.UTF-8
 kw:						kw_GB.ISO8859-1
 kw_GB:						kw_GB.ISO8859-1
 kw_GB.iso88591:					kw_GB.ISO8859-1
@@ -762,9 +761,8 @@ kw_GB.ISO-8859-14:				kw_GB.ISO8859-14
 kw_GB.iso885915:				kw_GB.ISO8859-15
 kw_GB.ISO-8859-15:				kw_GB.ISO8859-15
 ky:						ky_KG.UTF-8
-ky_KG:							ky_KG.UTF-8
-ky_KG.utf8:						ky_KG.UTF-8
-ky_KG.UTF-8:					ky_KG.UTF-8
+ky_KG:						ky_KG.UTF-8
+ky_KG.utf8:					ky_KG.UTF-8
 lo:						lo_LA.MULELAO-1
 lo_LA:						lo_LA.MULELAO-1
 lo_LA.cp1133:					lo_LA.IBM-CP1133
@@ -795,8 +793,8 @@ lv_LV.ISO-8859-13:				lv_LV.ISO8859-13
 lv_LV.ISO_8859-13:				lv_LV.ISO8859-13
 lv_LV.utf8:					lv_LV.UTF-8
 mai:						mai_IN.UTF-8
+mai_IN:						mai_IN.UTF-8
 mai_IN.utf8:					mai_IN.UTF-8
-mai_IN.UTF-8:					mai_IN.UTF-8
 mi:						mi_NZ.ISO8859-1
 mi_NZ:						mi_NZ.ISO8859-1
 mi_NZ.iso88591:					mi_NZ.ISO8859-1
@@ -810,12 +808,11 @@ mk_MK.microsoft-cp1251:				mk_MK.CP1251
 mk_MK.MICROSOFT-CP1251:				mk_MK.CP1251
 mk_MK.utf8:					mk_MK.UTF-8
 ml:						ml_IN.UTF-8
+ml_IN:						ml_IN.UTF-8
 ml_IN.utf8:					ml_IN.UTF-8
-ml_IN.UTF-8:					ml_IN.UTF-8
 mr:						mr_IN.UTF-8
 mr_IN:						mr_IN.UTF-8
 mr_IN.utf8:					mr_IN.UTF-8
-mr_IN.UTF-8:					mr_IN.UTF-8
 ms:						ms_MY.ISO8859-1
 ms_MY:						ms_MY.ISO8859-1
 ms_MY.iso88591:					ms_MY.ISO8859-1
@@ -831,8 +828,8 @@ nb_NO.ISO-8859-1:				nb_NO.ISO8859-1
 nb_NO.iso885915:				nb_NO.ISO8859-15
 nb_NO.ISO-8859-15:				nb_NO.ISO8859-15
 nb_NO.utf8:					nb_NO.UTF-8
+ne_NP:						ne_NP.UTF-8
 ne_NP.utf8:					ne_NP.UTF-8
-ne_NP.UTF-8:					ne_NP.UTF-8
 nl:						nl_NL.ISO8859-1
 nl.ISO8859-15:					nl_NL.ISO8859-15
 nl_BE:						nl_BE.ISO8859-1
@@ -901,11 +898,11 @@ oc_FR.iso885915:				oc_FR.ISO8859-15
 oc_FR.ISO-8859-15:				oc_FR.ISO8859-15
 oc_FR at euro:					oc_FR.ISO8859-15
 or:						or_IN.UTF-8
+or_IN:						or_IN.UTF-8
 or_IN.utf8:					or_IN.UTF-8
-or_IN.UTF-8:					or_IN.UTF-8
 pa:						pa_IN.UTF-8
+pa_IN:						pa_IN.UTF-8
 pa_IN.utf8:					pa_IN.UTF-8
-pa_IN.UTF-8:					pa_IN.UTF-8
 pa_PK.utf8:					pa_PK.UTF-8
 pd:						pd_US.ISO8859-1
 pd_DE:						pd_DE.ISO8859-1
@@ -984,9 +981,9 @@ rw_RW.ISO-8859-1:           rw_RW.ISO8859-1
 rw_RW.utf8:                 rw_RW.UTF-8
 sd:						sd_IN.UTF-8
 sd_IN.utf8:					sd_IN.UTF-8
-sd:						sd_IN at devanagari.UTF-8
+sd at devanagari:					sd_IN at devanagari.UTF-8
+sd_IN at devanagari:				sd_IN at devanagari.UTF-8
 sd_IN at devanagari.utf8:				sd_IN at devanagari.UTF-8
-sd_IN at devanagari.UTF-8:				sd_IN at devanagari.UTF-8
 se_NO:						se_NO.UTF-8
 se_NO.utf8:					se_NO.UTF-8
 XCOMM sh was the old ISO code for Serbo-Croatian (now individual sr and hr).
@@ -1072,8 +1069,8 @@ ta_IN:						ta_IN.TSCII-0
 ta_IN.tscii:					ta_IN.TSCII-0
 ta_IN.tscii0:					ta_IN.TSCII-0
 te:						te_IN.UTF-8
+te.UTF-8:					te_IN.UTF-8
 te_IN.utf8:					te_IN.UTF-8
-te_IN.UTF-8:					te_IN.UTF-8
 tg:						tg_TJ.KOI8-C
 tg_TJ:						tg_TJ.KOI8-C
 tg_TJ.koi8c:					tg_TJ.KOI8-C
@@ -1117,8 +1114,8 @@ uk_UA.microsoft-cp1251:				uk_UA.CP1251
 uk_UA.MICROSOFT-CP1251:				uk_UA.CP1251
 uk_UA.utf8:					uk_UA.UTF-8
 ur:						ur_IN.UTF-8
+ur_IN:						ur_IN.UTF-8
 ur_IN.utf8:					ur_IN.UTF-8
-ur_IN.UTF-8:					ur_IN.UTF-8
 ur:						ur_PK.CP1256
 ur_PK:						ur_PK.CP1256
 ur_PK.cp1256:					ur_PK.CP1256

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