moving rootless out of the server

Jamey Sharp jamey at
Thu Nov 10 14:44:08 PST 2011

Just to let you all know: Getting students to build xf86-video-nested
worked out well, so we're starting another X-related PSU Capstone
project. This time Jeremy is joining Josh and me as project sponsors.

The goal this time around is to replace the XQuartz DDX. We'll run the
stock xfree86 DDX (though Jeremy's patches to make it run in OS X aren't
all merged yet, I think?) with a video-dummy driver.

The students' task is to replace the functionality currently provided by
the server's generic rootless layer and the input and rendering support
provided by XQuartz, which we're asking them to do by writing a
compositing window manager that sucks window contents out of the server
and blits them into native windows. Similarly, for the initial
implementation they'll use XTest to inject input from native sources
into the server.

We hope that the resulting client code can be shared with other
platforms, so future work may include replacing XWin with a Windows
version of the same client. It may also be useful to build versions on
Weyland or another X server. The latter would be different from Xnest
because it's rootless, which we don't currently have for X nested in X.

The students are just starting to gather requirements this week. If all
goes well, their project should complete in late March.

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